Landscape architecture and environment section

  • The location of landscape architecture and environment

Landscape architecture and environment are near the Walailak University building.



  • Pictures of areas within the Landscape Architecture and Environment section

Personnel of the Landscape Architecture and Environment Division

  • Acting section head, 1 person
  • General administration officer 1 person
  • Administrative staff 4 people
  • Temporary employees: 107 people

Measures for using energy-saving equipment and electricity usage in the finance and accounting section

  1. Turn off the air conditioning at 12.00 and 16.00.
  2. Turn off the computer screen when taking breaks during work and turn off the computer.
  3. Campaign to create awareness of saving electricity by putting up signs to pull light switches.
  4. Use energy-saving appliances 5

Measures to reduce paper use are as follows:

  1. Sorting paper for recycling
  2. Using 2-sided paper, use only one side of used paper. Re-use
  3. Use electronic documents (e-document)

  • Use meetings via the e-Meeting system

  • Separate garbage.
  • Reduce the use of plastic for food by using cloth bags and other materials instead.

The Landscape Architecture and Environment section joins together to campaign for the most efficient and economical use of water.

YearTap water (cubic meter)Water from natural sources (cubic meter)

For landscape architecture and the environment, bicycles will be used to communicate between buildings.

Employees of the Landscape Architecture and Environment Division attended training to raise awareness of energy conservation at the Sports Science Building.

  • Kick off “Walailak Go Green” on July 24, 2019.  Officially moving forward with the opening ceremony of  Kick off “Walailak Go Green,” Walailak University will aim to become the leading green university in the country.

waste management Landscape Architecture and Environment Division


               Waste management is located at the treatment pond building. (Opposite the entrance to Wat Saeng Rang) No. 222, Thai Buri Subdistrict, Tha Sala District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province 80160


waste management with green environment
                With an area of more than 35 rai of the project, we pay attention to the environment. the greenery of the trees Orderliness and shady suitable for work.

the number of personnel of waste management Walailak University

There are 35 personnel consisting of

1. Project Leader 1 person
2. Monthly Temporary Employee 8 person
3. temporary daily workers 27 person

1. Efficient electrical appliances are used to help save energy   

     1.1 Turn off all electrical switches and electrical appliances when not in use. Make it a habit to turn off the lights every time you leave the room.
     1.2 Choose to buy electrical appliances that meet standards Always look at the performance label before making a purchase. If there is electrical equipment No. 5, must use No. 5.
     1.3 Turn off the air conditioner every time you are not in the room for more than 1 hour for general air conditioners and 30 minutes for air conditioners number 5.
     1.4 Regularly clean the air filter filter of the air conditioner. To reduce energy consumption in the operation of the air conditioner.
     1.5 Set the air conditioner temperature at 25 degrees Celsius, which is a comfortable temperature. 1 degree increase in temperature requires 5-10% more energy.

2. Production of renewable energy within the organization 

    2.1 Solar panel installation Help convert solar energy into electrical energy.
    2.2 Produce RDF fuel waste to generate electricity for agencies and universities.

3. Annual electricity consumption

4. Energy conservation and greenhouse gas emission reduction

    Measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of the project are as follows:

    4.1 Use renewable energy from solar energy because solar energy It is clean energy that has the least impact on the environment. and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

      4.2 Plant more trees in the project. Add green areas to help absorb carbon out of the air. and help keep the weather stable Trees help reduce global warming.

      1. Office waste management

  • Use the Digital Office Management System (WU DOMS) in operations.

Use meetings via the Zoom Join Meeting system.

Using recycled paper

Plastic reduction policy Using food containers instead of plastic bags/styrofoam boxes Using cloth bags to carry things Using cold water glasses Reduce the use of plastic cups

    2. Waste management in the agency

        Management of each type of waste




Water management (Water)


WMWU’s use of

recycled water

    The final well water obtained from the treatment. used for fish farming and use it to water the plants within the university to show the efficiency of using it to create value


Use solar energy electric vehicles instead of cars and motorcycles to travel and communicate within the project and outside the project.

The project leader uses bicycles to follow and inspect the work in the project.

Education of the department
Information according to evaluation criteria

1. All subjects related to the environment and continuing
2. Total amount of research funding in the world
3.Total amount of research funds
4. Number of works about the environment and what happened.
5.Number of educational exhibitions on the environment and daily life.
6. Number of clubs or student organizations that carry out environmental activities.

All 6 evaluation criteria: waste management Landscape architecture and environment section Walailak University There are no responsible details.

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